Restaurant Revitalization Fund Calculator

A restaurant revitalization fund calculator is a good tool for restaurateurs looking to get a grant for their new restaurant. The SBA’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund is an incentive program to help restaurateurs revive their businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic. To qualify for the funds, a restaurant must be a member of a chain or group of businesses. This fund will provide up to 10 million in grants for a business, but only up to $5 million per location. A restaurant revitalization fund calculator is a great tool to calculate the amount of money needed for a successful restaurant reopening.

The Small Business Administration provides guidance on eligibility for this program. A restaurant may apply for a grant based on its location and the number of employees it has. Restaurants can calculate how much they need to start a restaurant by subtracting their income from their target for 2020.

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For more information about Restaurant Revitalization Fund Calculator you can go to SBA.GOV

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